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Success, power, perfection, elegance and trust…

are terms that are often mentioned in association with equestrian sport. Ullrich Kasselmann and Paul Schockemöhle have been successfully working in the horse industry together for over 40 years. The two acclaimed and respected horse experts are not only known allover Germany courtesy of the famous auction, Perfomance Sales International (P.S.I.), but their visions and actions have also made significant contributions to the international sporting world.

Some of the most famous equestrian events bear their signature and their ideas are often the source of new concepts and experiences in equestrian sports. Years of expertise and successful dealings of horses have made Schockemöhle and Kasselmann the chosen consultants and confidants of business partners all over the world. Our events can also present your company in the best possible way.

We can offer you the right setting.

PST Marketing GmbH

was created by Paul Schockemöhle with the aim of showcasing equestrian sport at prestigious international events such as German Classics Bremen, CSI Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hanover, Hamburg, Hagen a.T.W., Leipzig, Munich, Redefin, Neumünster and others.

In 2020 these events were transferred to the partner agency Horses and Dreams Entertainment GmbH and the Kasselmann family in Hagen a.T.W.. This ensures that a young and highly motivated team will secure the events for the long term.